Eric Smith

Eric Smith is an example of everything that is right with youth sports and a great representative of what TSA is about. He is a model citizen and teammate. There has never been a compliant or negative thing come from Eric’s mouth. He always on time, always prepared, always committed to the team and to the work. It is gratifying for me to see him get what he has earned, and he has earned it the right way. The 99 team went through hard times in the past but Eric displayed great character during this time. Over the past three seasons he embodied the recipe for success that elevated the 99 team to the elite level that all TSA teams strive for. He persevered, trained hard, trusted the coaches and remained positive. I know that 99% of this comes from his parents but somewhere in this maturation it became who Eric is. He is a young adult that is an excellent student, player and person. I’m happy TSA was allowed to be a part of that. Just a few seasons ago Eric was worried about making the team. It seems humorous and a long time ago when you look at his senior season.

Push Ridge:  Captain, golden boot and MVP. He scored 22 goals and had 16 assists. Ironically he plays left back for TSA. He played center midfield for Push Ridge.

He was first team all-region and was named the Region Offensive Player of the Year.

He committed to LeTourneau University of Longview soccer team and received the Heritage Scholarship from the school. I thought it would be noteworthy to show the level of excellence it takes just to be invite to compete for this scholarship that Eric was awarded.

Heritage Scholarship from LeTourneau University requirements:

The Heritage Scholarship competition is designed to find students who will make an academic, spiritual, and personal impact on our campus from orientation through graduation and beyond. This “invitation only” event brings together the top students from all over the globe to LeTourneau University's Longview campus for a time of fun and competition.

The requirements to be invited to Heritage vary by the school at LeTourneau, but we are looking in the range of a 3.6+ GPA, and a score of  28+ composite on the ACT or 1260+ (critical reading plus math) on the Pre March 2016 SAT or a 1320+ on the New SAT .